Project Management

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience we can help you plan your projects, help you from the beginning with the joint development of the ideas and give you our advice.

Import Export

Over the last 15 years we have guaranteed the lowest prices for our services in the Principality of Monaco in the import-export sector. Furthermore we offer a conception service and support for all our products. Competence, knowledge and professionalism are the values of our society.

Interior Decoration

Projects by Marco Scibilia interior design studio are the result of a balanced research of technology, materials, style, conception and contamination between fashion and contemporary art.



We are glad to show you today a new technology that will allow future buyers to project themselves into their yet-to-be-built property by using a brand new interactive presentation system without leaving their desk.

Spa Consultant & Creation

Marco Scibilia and his team are worldwide recognized as specialists in integrated design of SPA, Wellness Center and wellness products for the major brands.

On Demand Creations

Marco Scibilia internal office of creation draws, conceives and manufactures customised pieces specially adapted to the desires and/or to the specific needs of its customers. Thus, most projects come from specific demands.



  • Plan
  • Concept
  • Design and Build
  • Production

Planning your project is an essential and important step:

  • define the work to be done,
  • define aims,
  • coordinate actions,
  • control means,
  • reduce risks,
  • follow the action in progress,
  • report on the project’s progress.

Planning is a decision-making tool for the project manager but also communication between the different stakeholders of a project. It helps control interfaces of the project.

Planning optimizes the chances of project success by improving productivity through improved quality control.

Project monitoring should allow the comparison between the expected and the actual results. The success of a good project monitoring lies in the availability of reliable information for the project manager on:

  • consumed charges, postponements and costs;
  • estimation of the remaining tasks to be done and additional work needed;
  • the encountered difficulties.

In the design process the concept is the requirement necessary to define the basic elements of a project; it provides the basis for the realization of the project itself.

In a concept the designer outlines the guidelines that support the implementation phase; these lines are rough and depending on the quality of the concept to design the final product that may more or less depart from the first concept proposal. The design process can be more conceptual (concept) than the sequence of  points followed by the designer to reach the end of his project. We can say that a project plan is mainly made up of a sequence of concepts.

In the case of production of an automobile, for example, once all concepts have been defined (roominess, comfort, sportiness, ecology, resistance, target, context) we can move on to other more detailed concepts (ergonomic research, stylistic research, style exercises, choice of materials, solutions, market research). These concepts are often closed in a concept car, which is exhibited (in the case of larger models) at international events such as car shows. The conceptual phase develops until you get closer to the feasibility of the project and the start of the production of the final model, which will be preceded by one or more prototypes directly adjusted by us in order to improve the design according to the design constraints and the legislative adjustments imposed.

There are concepts of art and design details that are not intended for future industrial production and therefore not always suitable for the implementation phase; these treaties, which are often “virtual” or “ideological” but can also be taken in time for future industrial production, are the fruit of a concept artist.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and strategic. Marco Scibilia interior design studio develops projects that meet innovative practice and customers’ specific needs. Our projects are characterized by a functional and analytical approach; this means that before transferring the project onto paper, it is on a path of analysis and study to achieve the best solution.

It is important that the creative process should even results from the knowledge of the expected results and the available budget (and not only from the genius of the creator).

This is the stage of development of the actual item. The contractor is responsible for this step under the owner’s control. During the development phase the work must be focused on communication in order to make decisions as quickly as possible in case of problems. Thus, establishing a communication plan can animate the project, for example through:

  • the use of a dashboard graphically presenting the results of the project, allowing the project manager to make arbitration decisions in case of deviations;
  • a progress report to enable all project participants to be informed of current and completed actions. In general, they are referred to as reporting of all actions of preparation and presentation of business reports;

In addition, meetings should be held regularly (preferably weekly) to manage the project team, to make regular updates on the progress of the project and to set priorities for the following weeks.