Bioclimatic Pergola

Summary of a growing trend, boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces more and more indefinite, new places where clever design, functionality, sensations and comfort meet.

From the desire to change exterior scenarios, big projects to live en “plein air” arise. Open spaces reveal the link you want to have with your home, to live it in a fluid motion, no limits, a bond of harmonic contamination between indoor and outdoor spaces, where to stay well both alone and with others.

Informal with straight and strict lines, the pergola represents the contemporary living with an island module that is a blend of art and design.

Sparkly but elegant and glamorous at the same time, it allows to create new charming spaces to live the outdoors.

A real evolution conceived for outdoor spaces both public and private.
The gap between the inside and the outside is gradually reduced, and the outdoor spaces become extensions of everyday living spaces; a versatile and virtuous continuity of a project consisting of spaces made functional and comfortable by the thread of an original modernity.

Tradition and cosmopolitan ideas interweave into a pergola designed for open spaces, in harmony and balance, for people who live their dwelling as they were free spirits.

A comfortable and cosy place that always make you feel at ease, to create your own outdoor area where functional spaces and desire for emotions meet in a project that is a combination of minimalism and amazing comfort.

Dedicated to people who prefer a contemporary style, accurate and efficient details.
True experimental design playing with shapes, proportions and volumes, to move from a closed environment to an open environment that is elegant expression of an impeccable hospitality in a space without boundaries.

Inspired to people who open their own environments in the name of modernity between natural landscapes and spaces that suit the changing of the seasons from summer to winter.

The bioclimatic pergola combines classical and contemporary taste to meet and fulfill needs also on an aesthetic level, even in sizeable spaces, and it is characterized by significant technical and functional performance.

The bioclimatic pergola is a solution to convert and transform outdoor spaces and is at the same time a protection against the atmospheric agents. Care for details, functional design, harmonious proportions, high-quality materials, clarity of vision and protection, ability to meet several needs; all these features in a unique choice.