An Italian editor and manufacturer of double-width fabrics for high-quality interior decoration, KOHRO fuses nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology and top quality service. Deeply rooted in a historically renowned industrial textile district and with more than sixty years of deep experience, KOHRO makes the most of its Italian cultural heritage. Control over a top-class textile production chain gives additional competitive advantage.

KOHRO fabrics capture and convey inspiration. What sets the KOHRO collection apart is its ability to capture the most intimate relationships between Nature and Culture, its desire to finely weave together inspiration from the natural world with art and the most advanced technology.

The Group historical textile archive – with more than 26,000 drawings – is an unparalleled source of creativity and textile culture to draw upon.

The Style team is composed of eight designers, superior creative minds and connoisseurs of the most advanced industrial textile processes, who work together with textile engineers, managers, agents and customers from all over the world.