We are pleased to present the Marco Scibilia Import-Export Company, resident for over 15 years in the Principality of Monaco.

We are glad to show you today a new technology that will allow future buyers to project themselves into their yet-to-be-built property by using a brand new interactive presentation system without leaving their desk.

We convert buildings, homes, land… into 3D-model projects; an experience that offers the buyer the atmosphere and the environment of a real home, with the ability to view and change furniture, finishes, lighting and animate interior and exterior environments to finally give life to a near reality.

We provide innovative marketing tools, capable of generating greater appeal and thus the commitment to supporting the client effectively in the early stages of selection, analysis and evaluation of the property.

We can provide interactive presentation systems of properties located in different parts of the world, without leaving the office; arouse interest, stimulate curiosity with major class projects, even in their initial phase.