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Viteo outdoors

Clean straight lines and warm wood characterise the design outdoor furniture range by Viteo Outdoors. Flat surfaces of slatted wood supported by bright metal frames add sleek modern contemporary style to any patio or garden. Simple bench designs are complemented by key pieces like the garden swing and hanging sun lounger. Distinctive patio furniture, the garden swing and sun lounger can be incorporated into a central feature of your garden design. Available in Teak, Larch, and white or dark brown glazed Ash, it is furniture designed to survive the elements. Perfect for relaxing in warm summer evenings while enjoying conversation with good friends, Viteo Outdoors range of elegant outdoor furniture lets you enjoy the sunshine in contemporary fashion.


Solo Collection by Wim Segers

Solo Sofa

Solo Sofa by Wim Segers

Solo Soft Sofa

Solo Soft Sofa by Wim Segers

Solo: table, bench and chair.

Solo table by Wim Segers Solo bench by Wim Segers Solo chair by Wim Segers

The idea behind the new design of the VITEO SOLO collection developed by Wim Segers, is to show tradition in a simple, modern form. It's not just the uncluttered style: ergonomics and durability also determine the philosophy of the SOLO tables, benches and chairs. The careful choice of materials is completely in line with the environmental awareness of our times. True to the motto 'back to nature' all items in the series are made completely out of Thermo Ash.


Home Collection by Viteo

White and Colour

Home White by Viteo Home Colour by Viteo


Home Swing by Viteo



Home Bench by Viteo


Sun lounger

Home Sun Lounger by Viteo


Chair, table, plantpot

Home collection chair Home collection table Home collection plantpot


Outdoor Kitchen

Viteo Kitchen

The summer has been gone and the fall is coming. If you like party, you cannot forget the fall BBQ party, celebrate your happy day with outdoor party and give an another dimension to your party with Viteo Outdoor Kitchen, itís offers the perfect blend of form and function to make outdoor cooking a real delight for you and your family. The Viteo Outdoor kitchen has three separate worktops to facilitate your cooking. The island as a whole comprises of two countertops and a sink with the additional space beneath serving as a storage area for utensils and groceries. If you working every day itís time to relax with outdoor party and donít forget bring the Viteo kitchen in your home.


Viteo Outdoor Bbq

Viteo Kitchen

It's the reason why we're so keen to turn meals into celebrations: for in the act of cooking and eating we transform outdoor nature into ourselves. In 2006 Viteo Outdoors extends its product range with the all new Viteo Outdoor Kitchen. Being part of the Home Collection the stainless steel frame can be combined with teak.


Garden Shower by Danny Venlet


Otdoor Shower by Viteo Otdoor Shower by Viteo

As soon as you step onto the white platform, a meter-high fountain of water arises, showering you like a gentle summer rain. Exquisitely refreshing after sports or sunbathing. Nobody will realise that this plastic disc with its stainless steel framed base is a garden shower.



Butterfly, Tuarec, Sun Shade

Shadow Butterfly Shadow Tuarec Shadow Sun Shade

VITEO Sunshades, set a course in the design of outdoor spaces and sun shading. Finally a parasol whose intelligent technology enables it to open almost by itself and to close as easily! Whether square or round the free curved sail is solely held from the top and is striking for its innovative and elegant appearance.