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An experimental workshop and forge for new ideas, the firm has been working on recreating classical drawing room furnishings since 1967, with the result that, over the years, it has come to make quality the most important value in its communications. In recent years, with Atlantique Collection, the company has focused its attention on a difficult, stimulating field, that of products with a contemporary flavour, applying the same familiar accuracy of processing that has made each piece unique and exclusive, in a continuous interaction between two so different cultures. As a result, the Zanaboni Collection is now oriented in two clear directions: the Classical Collection for a home that sometimes has touch of theatricality, a stage with a decisive vocation to evoking a classical atmosphere, and a Contemporary Collection, featuring longue and bedroom furnishings and accessories for a home that shies away from ostentation of its refinement, preferring to seduce with a vision of beauty of unprecedented personality.